Who we are?

Earth Blessing Agents was founded in the United States in 2020 to provide the world with the most advanced spectral imaging technology.
Our spectral imaging technology, which recognizes and visualizes a world invisible to the human eye, can add profound value to all industrial fields.
In the United States we have obtained a patent for a hyperspectral data communication platform, leading the shift from the era of “viewing images” to the era of “measuring images”.
We are confident this innovative technology will be a valuable contributing factor toward realizing greater prosperity and happiness in America and the world beyond.

Founder message

We are a company that creates wealth and jobs from a new spectral dimension.

We aim to create new business markets through insightful, educational dialogues and partnerships with those customers who will benefit most from this new vision into the undiscovered spectral dimension.

The potential to create more wealth and jobs through the distribution of new technologies & services is great as we continue to grow, embrace, and celebrate each other's global contributions.

Earth Blessing Agents Founder CEO
Naoki Noro

Naoki Noro


  1. Through the development of love, we will contribute to a future society blessed by God.
  2. We propose new technologies which have the power to create wealth through intelligent applications and partnerships.
  3. We will adhere to a credible position by demonstrating true integrity based on truth.

Core Value

  1. We believe technology of itself is not the end goal but a means to contribute to the eternal progress of the Earth and humanity.
  2. We believe wealth is created through constant effort and innovation and that the spirit of Noblesse oblige is necessary for its continual, sustainable expansion.
  3. We take a firm stand that adopting a sincere attitude toward our customers, society, and the invisible world.

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