Earth Blessing Agents is granted to use patents owned by EBA Japan as listed below.

Patent No.Content (Name of the invention)CountryFiling date
6068375Spectral radiance meterJapan3/3/2014
6521845Device and method for measuring periodic fluctuation linked to heart beatJapan11/22/2015
6730629Bandpass filter design system, bandpass filter design programJapan8/29/2017
6843439Information retrieval system and method, information retrieval programJapan3/27/2018
6586683Information processing device, information processing method, and programJapan11/2/2015
(ISSUED DATE: 11/10/2020)
Information search system, information search method, and information search programUSA5/10/2018
(ISSUED DATE: 11/24/2020)
Information search system and information search programUSA10/24/2018
2724786Information search system, information search method and information search programRussia5/10/2018
2734870Information retrieval system and information search programRussia10/24/2018
I696924Intelligence exploration data search system and programTaiwan12/14/2018
10-2222913Information search systems and programsKorea10/24/2018
3026633Information search system, information search method and information search programCanada5/10/2018

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