The NH-IR is a product specializing in the recognition of invisible near infrared (900nm-1700nm), which is ideal for component analysis for near infrared, substance identification, and attaining information and visuals into the invisible wavelength range.

It is equipped with a built-in spectroscopic scanning system and can capture spectral images of stationary objects with the camera, giving it excellent versatility and portability such as mounting it on a microscope or conducting outdoor measurements.

Specification List

Image resolution400x320 pixels
128,000 pixels
The number of data bits10 bits
Wavelength range900nm to 1700nmSizeH140.2mm
*Excluding protrusions.
Wavelength resolution energy10nmLens mountC mount
Shooting speedShooting speed can be set freely

128,000 pixel shooting:
5.0 seconds (80 fps)

64,000 pixel shooting:
2.5 seconds (80 fps)

Our Own Built-In Spectroscopic Scanning Technology

With conventional spectroscopic techniques, it is difficult to obtain a full spectroscopic image because spectroscopic data only acquires one point or one line of the evaluated target.

In order to solve these problems, we have developed a new hyperspectral camera that can quickly acquire spectral information for each pixel of the image by incorporating a compact scanning device inside the camera. (For comparison with conventional technology, refer to the figure on the right.) As a result, the versatility has expanded significantly, upgrading such aspects as high-speed photography of spectral image information, outdoor photography, connection to microscopes, endoscopes, telescopes, etc. You can find valuable uses for it regardless of the industry.

Acquisition of high-precision data in a short time

Our camera can acquire spectral image data with 151 bands and about 300 million pixels(Hyperspectral data cube)very accurately in just a few seconds.

By using our in-house developed imaging/analysis software (including optional software with additional functions), you can easily and intelligently perform analysis aligned with your purpose. Now is the time to experience high value-added EBA quality.

EBA Spectrum Solution

EBA’s spectrum solutions provide you with new added value that connects your specific field of study to a higher level of R&D. Conventional hyperspectral technology has traditionally been a form of research equipment only used in limited environments inside a laboratory; however, with our vast spectrum database and advanced algorithm development capabilities, we can develop a specialized camera to help you meet your specific challenges.

We can respond to various requests such as manufacturing inspection, drone installation, and development of small sensing modules. Please feel free to contact us if you are facing limits of conventional image recognition technology.

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