By applying and utilizing the spectral technology of EBA, it will be possible to measure the five vital signs of the human body: pulse, blood pressure, breathing, body temperature, and Spo2 in a non-contact manner in the near future.

For example, in front of a mirror after waking up, in a car, at work, in the office, etc., it will be a future where you can acquire and monitor various vital signs data of yourself in a natural and seamless manner.

Furthermore, by combining with IoT and AI, it will be possible to build an optimal environment (dimming, air conditioning, fragrance, etc.) based on your vital signs for that day, and also to make further recommendations such as optimal exercise and meal menus.

Each person will be able to improve their self-awareness and immunity and realize a happier and healthier life by being more attuned with their body based on growing more familiar with their tendencies and how that effects their vital signs.


In the future telemedicine (patented hyperspectral data platform) will enable safer and more accurate diagnostic imaging.

A patient’s spectrum based vital data will be sent to their own cloud via 5G, and based on the images analyzed by deep learning AI, your primary doctor will remotely diagnose your health condition and illness.

This spectral deep learning improves the diagnostic accuracy every day.

It can also be applied to a wide range of medical diagnoses such as dealing with chronic diseases, including visualization and early detection of skin cancer, which was difficult until now.

We are convinced that such a hyperspectral data platform is a technology necessary for future reform of the medical insurance system, and that increasing the number of healthy people will be an effective measure to stop an overload in medical expenses.


Ag-tech will also evolve with EBA’s spectral technology.

An unmanned automatic tractor equipped with a hyperspectral imager will be able to manage the field while at the same time sensing soil components such as nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potassium, and the condition of crops in different growth cycles. 

The field information is monitored, and 3D mapped by the drone, and is acquired as 5-dimensional data with the time and spectrum axes added.

As a result, smarter and more precise agriculture can be realized, such as predicting the optimum harvest time, discriminating pests, yield prediction, and increasing the added value of crops.

Spectrum can also be used to measure various indicators such as crop freshness, sweetness, and bitterness.

Logistically speaking in the near future, more consistent quality control from production to the end user, will become a reality.


Maintenance of aging infrastructure is an urgent issue in the United States.

Older methods of inspection such as pulling out core samples of the building in order to evaluate infrastructural maintenance problems can cause high costs and many man-hours.

However, EBA’s spectral imaging technology will enable real-time image recognition of the salt concentration of concrete and the progress of rust, which are difficult for the human eye to evaluate.

This will lead to a future in which more efficient, low-cost infrastructure maintenance can be performed by grasping the optimum repair location and time.

Remote Sensing

If a hyperspectral imager is installed on an artificial satellite, it will be possible to measure the earth accurately in a macro-sense.

Since the ground truth can be acquired by the same sensor, it is also possible to acquire and reflect precise spectral data excluding the influence of aerosols in the satellite image.

For example, visualization of the growing state of crops on the ground and the emissions of polluted gas. It also leads to the measurement of carbon fixation in forests and the realization of accurate weather forecasts.

Moreover, EBA’s spectral imager will be a “new eye” for opening up the unknown frontier, such as being able to sense material information of space resources like water and minerals that are said to exist in the moon, mars, and other asteroids.

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